Stop the Violence South
Stopping Domestic, Relationship, Racial, & Gang Violence
At Stop The Violence South, we work to stop domestic, relationship, racial, and gang violence in Charleston,SC and surrounding communities. Our mission is to promote peace and find positive solutions to resolve conflict. We raise awareness of youth so that they can end the cycle of violence.

Free Community Events & Entertainment
To bring all members of our community together, we host community events that are free and open to the public. Our dance and musical events feature local and professional talent that your entire family can enjoy. These events give us the opportunity to spread to spread awareness of our message of stopping  violence. We are pleased to have had as many as 2,000 people attend our events.

Our Collaborative Events Are Held in a Safe Environment
Because of our work with many community organizations, we are able to create a safe environment for our  events. In addition to supportive law enforcement officers and firefighters, we invite community activists, public figures, and other nonprofit organizations such as D.A.R.E to join in on the festivities.

Raising Community Awareness Awareness About Issues of Violence

With the help of our partner organizations, we are able to take our message directly to the youth in the schools. We host a year-round program for students in which they preform community service projects and preform in some facet of the arts as they follow our curriculum of promoting awareness of violence.

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