Stop the Violence South


                                                      Letter to Potential Sponsors                                       
Dear Potential Sponsor:
I am writing to you on behalf of Stop the Violence South, Inc (STVS) to give you an opportunity for your business to gain advertising, publicity and to reach potential new customers. STVS is planning for its annual Stop the Violence events and its Year End Stop the Violence Finale beginning in April and concluding with the finale event in October. STVS’s is bringing awareness to the community with the Stop the Violence Events and our Year End Finale. STVS provided awareness and education to more than 2000+ guests who attended its events yearly.
Our purpose is to raise awareness in the community and to bring people together through the arts. The goal is to provide scholarships to students of the performing arts who are attending or have been accepted to an accredited school. Our target is to raise $100,000 to award ten scholarships yearly.
With your support, we can accomplish this goal. This is a fantastic opportunity for your company to receive exposure and support a worthy cause.
We have various opportunities for your company to participate in this event, all offering great promotional benefits. When you join us in promoting community awareness, your business will be included in our event promotional materials, event banners, and media releases and also promoted with any other organization that we team with in bringing awareness.
Below, the sponsorship package explains your rewards in more detail. We look forward to you joining us in our continued efforts to stop the violence in all communities through the music therapy.
If you have any questions or want to discuss opportunities with Stop the Violence South, Inc., please feel free to contact us at (843) 882-7887.

With kind regards,

Barron Rivers
Chief Executive
Stop the Violence South, Inc.
Why Stop the Violence South, Inc. is important to the community:
• Promote positive growth in community
• Familiarize members of community with each other
• Bring awareness of various human service agencies
• Community Watch Development
• Recognizing the Arts
• College Scholarships
• Community Reach
• Business advertising
• Networking
• Strengthening your community



Radio Print Websites Email Distribution
• Broad cross section of paid and promotional radio support from local stations • Ads in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters
• Photo opportunities: Product placement • Direct link to sponsor websites
• Listing/Logo on website
• Social Media (Facebook, MySpace,
Twitter) marketing • Recognition and logo listed on all email material related to event
• Sponsor mention in press releases
• Press Releases
Printed Material
• Promotional Posters • Flyers/Tickets/Invitations
On Site Recognition
• Banners
• On Stage & On Site banners
• Kiosks/Sampling
• Interactive sampling opportunities • Product sales throughout event hours through approved concessionaires
• Media Screens
• Entry Recognition • Master of Ceremonies
• Recognition from stage in between acts and during introductions
Additional Benefits
• Product Category Exclusivity • Scholarships in your company’s name

Please send Sponsorship to:
                                          Stop the Violence South, Inc.
                                                  308 Brickhope Lane 
                                               Goose Creek, SC 29445
 I would like to participate in the Stop the Violence South events to
raise awareness in the community. Sign me up at the Sponsorship level below:

Generation Builder ($10,000 - $25,000)

Village Supporter ($5,000 - $7,500)

Peace Keeper ($750 - $1000)

Community Activist ($100 - $500)

Sponsorship Benefits at a Glance  
Benefits:  Generation Builder  Village Supporter  Peace Keeper  Community Activist 
Sponsors' Name Event   Logo      
 Event Presented by  Name      
Sponsor Name Scholarship  Yes   Yes Limited  
Logo on Stage Banner  Yes      
 Exclusivity Yes   Yes    
 Naming Rights for Element  Event  Presenting Limited Sunday Event  
 Radio Spots to feature Name   Name    
 Recognition at entry points  Yes   Limited
Master of Ceremonies   Yes Yes   Limited  
 Announcements  Yes  Yes Limited  
 Press Releases  Yes  Yes    
 On Site Kiosk/Sampling  Yes  Yes    
 Print Promotion  Logo  Logo  Logo  Logo
 Advertising Poster Logo  Logo  Logo  Logo 
On Site Banner   Yes  Yes    
 Website Presence & Links  Logo/Links  Logo/Links  Logo/Links  Logo/Links
Website Builder